About Galerie Momogusa

Owner’s message at the opening of Galerie Momogusa

I decided to open Galerie Momogusa when I purchased an old farmhouse in Narumi, a town in Nagoya and moved it to my home town, Tajimi. With a new century coming into view, I wanted to rethink our relationship with everyday ‘objects’ by placing myself away from a society of mass-consumption.
Through various short-term and permanent exhibitions at Galerie Momogusa, I want people to think about the relationship between art and craftwork from the view point of our most basic daily necessities - clothing, food and housing. I believe art and craftwork are ‘tools’ in a broad sense. It is necessary for not only the creators of these tools but also the users of them to reconfirm the reasons for their existence. I hope that doing this will lead to an exchange of thoughts between the creators and users, which will then lead them to reevaluate today’s consumption society.
I chose the 100-year-old farmhouse as a place for exhibitions because I wanted to have a specific place where people could interface more personally. Pieces on exhibition will be shown in spaces of daily life such as rooms with earthen or wooden floors, Tatami-mat rooms, Engawa (veranda-like porch) and Tokonoma (a room with an alcove), not in an artificial space called a “gallery”. It is also my wish to unearth some of the traditional assets which Japanese have long treasured and find a way to reconnect them to today’s modern society where people rarely get the chance to see and use them anymore.
It is a pity that people in our modern society are losing the aesthetics of space which are represented by Tokonoma (a room with an alcove) and Chashitsu (a room for tea ceremony). At Galerie Momogusa, visitors will experience the sharp and cool atmosphere in an old farmhouse, which transcends beauty or ugliness and will inspire people who are too busy in their everyday lives to get out of their daily rut.
I hope Galerie Momogusa will mature steadily under its theme of ‘daily life’, while at the same time establishing, as our name implies, a long-lasting relationship with our customers.
[Momogusa (another name for pine tree, which is a symbol of long life in Japan]
October, 1998
Masanobu Ando, Galerie Momogusa

Galerie Momogusa

Open : 11:00 – 18:00
Closed : irregular holidays ; please inquire.
2-8-16 Toeicho, Tajimi-city, Gifu-prefecture 507-0013 Japan
Phone : 0572-21-3368 / FAX : 0572-21-3369


Parking 1 (roadside) : for 28 cars
Parking 2 (go down the slope from the entrance) : for 50 cars

Momogusa cafe

During permanent exhibitions, we serve drinks, sweets and light meals with wild yeast bread.


10 min. by car from Tajimi IC of the Chuo expressway
Take the ‘Totetsu’ bus from JR Tajimi station. Get off at ‘Takadaguchi’(about 13 min. ride). Walk for 1 km.
10 min. by taxi from the north exit of JR Tajimi station (costs about ¥1,500.)

Via JR Nagoya station:

Take a train for either ‘Tajimi’, ‘Mizunami’, or ‘Nakatusgawa’ (not for ‘Kozoji’) at the ‘Chuo’ line (track 7 or 8). Get off at the ‘Tajimi’ station. [It takes about 40 minutes by a local train and 30 minutes by a rapid train (3 departures per hour).] Take a bus at the south exit or a taxi at the north exit of the station1

Via Tajimi IC by car:

After exiting the Tajimi IC, turn left at the first traffic light.
Follow the road and turn left at the third traffic light (the Toyota Netz showroom on the left corner).
Follow the road and pass the first traffic light. Go under an elevated highway and turn right at the second traffic light at ‘Kokeizan 7’.
Cross a small bridge (Yokitogi bridge) and turn right at the T-junction.
Follow the road and turn left at the second byway with a white guardrail.
Go up the slope and take the right road at the Y-junction.
Pass the residential area and cross a bridge over the Chuo expressway.
Follow the road. The fourth house on the right side which has a hipped roof is “Galerie Momogusa”.
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